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>Time Flies!

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It’s been a long time since updated this blog. It’s not because I don’t enjoy blogging about all things in Mommyville, it’s just that life has kept me way too busy to keep up. As you can see, the children have grown too much and too fast over the past few months. When I browse through some of their pictures over the past, I can’t believe how fast time flies by.
It’s like the twins went from newborn to 18 months overnight, and my baby girl is three and a true social butterfly. She has no problem with making friends at the park, and teaching her brothers new things. I love to hear them sing their ABC’s in unison, it’s the cutest thing ever!
Being a student, and being home with the kids everyday can have it’s frustrating moments, but I’m aware that it won’t last forever. That’s why I’m trying to enjoy it, even though I’m currently looking for a job in my field. I’m sure that I will miss these days when the time comes for me to punch in on somebody’s clock everyday, that’s why I’m cherishing the time that I have with them.

>Made for Multiples: Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

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Huggies Natural Care Hypoallergenic Wipes - 720 ct.
The best baby wipes that I have ever used, has to be Huggies Natural Care. I started using them after my daughter was born two years ago, and I continued to use them when the twins were born. I like them because of they are the thickest baby wipes out of the three major brands, and they have the perfect amount of moisture for cleaning up messy little ones. Any busy mom can tell you that it sucks to have a baby wipe break in middle of cleaning up a mess. 

When I compared the texture of Huggies baby wipes to the other brands, I could clearly see and feel that Huggies wipes are more cloth like. I have found myself using the wipes to clean wipe up anything, if the wipes are the closest thing I could grab. Most of the time my hands are full, so you know that I use these wipes pretty often.

Huggies Natural Care Wipes have the following features:
  • Aloe
  • Vitamin E
  • Fragrance Free
  • Hypoallergenic

Huggies brand baby wipes come in several types, from natural care to gentle care. Try them out for your babies, and see how you like them. What kind of baby wipes are you currently using for your babies, and why?

>Random Twin and Toddler Pics

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Here’s a few random pics of the twins, and my two year old toddler (who thinks she’s a photographer already). The last two pics of her at the bottom, were taken by her. She even yells out cheese, before she takes her own snap shots. These pics show how much the kids have grown, over the past two months. As much as I love playing, singing, and dancing with the three of them, I can’t help but feel like they are growing way too fast!

>Skinny Jeans for Tots

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First it was denim diapers. Now, providing your baby is watching his or her carbs, can toddle around in skinny jeans.
Luckily, these trendy tot pants are stretchy enough to accommodate a diaper.
The jeans are turning up in stores like American Eagle and J. Crew’s Crewcuts, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Gap, denim maker True Religion Apparel Inc and Levis are also embracing the trend by stocking skinny jeans for the tiniest fashionistas.
Gap is reporting that skinny jeans now comprise 40 percent of its jeans  for infant and toddler girls. For children’s apparel makers, kids’clothing sales are a positive sign in an otherwise dismal retail period. While parents have reduced the amount they spend on their own wardrobe in the recession, they’re still shelling out for cute outfits for their kids.

“People tend to put their kids first,” GapKids and Baby Gap’s executive vice president Mark Breitbard told the Wall Street Journal. “They’ll pass on something for themselves to make sure their kids are still looked after.” 

Why skinny jeans rather than rompers? 
“It’s more fun,” Ava Lane, a mom who snagged four pairs of skinny jeans for her two year old, told the Journal.

The skinny jeans for babies are designed a little bit differently than the ones for grownups, though they do feature pocket details and criss-cross stitching like the adult version. Skinny jeans for babies may have an elastic on the back of the waistband, though they don’t have inseam snaps for diaper changing that most baby outfits do.
Prices for skinny jeans range from $19.50 to $39.50 at babyGap and GapKids. They come in sizes as small as zero to 3 months.
To get ideas, Old Navy sent teams to playgrounds to watch consumers, Old Navy senior vice president Michelle DeMartini told the Journal.”“We talked for a long time about how much stretch, what should that feel like?” she said. “Adults might want to forgo comfort for fashion, but children will not.”
Gap took note of the tremendous popularity of adult-styled kids clothes after the chain debuted a kids and baby collaboration last fall with Stella McCartney. The line was so well received that a second one debuted in March.
“People love trend take-downs,” Breitbard told the Journal. “Fashion-right clothes are really adorable the smaller they get.” 

So what’s up next? 
The latest mini fashionista item to hit the GapKids stores is a hybrid of jeans and leggings. The name: Jeggings for babies.

Will you be purchasing skinny jeans for your tots and bubs, or do you think skinny jeans are a bit much for tiny tots?

>Made for Multiples: Brand Diapers

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If your a mom of multiples like me, your probably looking for ways to save a buck on the things your family needs. One of the ways that I found to save some cash, is by ordering diapers in bulk. When introduced their own premium brand of diapers, I was reluctant to buy them  at first because I was a loyal Pampers customer. Huggies was always my second choice in diaper brands, and off brands were completely off of my radar. What intrigued me about the brand, was the number diapers offered for $40.99. A box of size 3 diapers comes with 200 diapers in the box, and the size 5 box comes with 156 diapers in it. I had to try the diapers out because if the diapers were good, my monthly diaper budget would be cut in half. 

After completing my first order, I was nervous about how good or bad the diapers would be. I was worried about sacrificing quality for quantity. The package arrived pretty quick, I ordered on a Saturday, and my diapers arrived by Monday evening. The first thing I did was open the package, and feel the texture of the diapers. The pampers felt like the quality would be okay, but there was only one true way to test them out. I had to starting using them on my children to see how the diapers would hold up, especially during the night. 

The first few diaper changes went well, with no complaints. As I continued to use the diapers on a daily and weekly basis, I had no doubts about buying these pampers again. My twins are almost nine months old, and I still order the same brand Premium Diapers for my all 3 of my children. When I went on the website to re-order a few weeks ago, I noticed that the major diapers brands are offering extra larger boxes of diapers as well. Of course their extra large boxes are a few dollars more expensive than the brand, so I know who I’ll be sticking with. 

>Malcolm & Marcus, The First Weeks

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>I would like to introduce our twin sons Malcolm Valentino and Marcus Raymond to the world. These two little guys were born on 11/24/09, exactly 10 minutes apart at 12:16 and 12:26pm. Malcolm weighed 5 lbs. 1 oz. at birth, and Marcus weighed 4 lbs. and 7 oz. at birth. My full birth story and hospital pics will be posted soon. In the meantime, here are some random pics from their first few weeks at home.

Malcolm and Marcus 1st & 2nd Week

Marcus and Malcolm 3-4 Weeks

Marcus and Malcolm 4-6 Weeks

>Twins and More Twins!

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I hate aging myself, so I’ll use estimates within this post when it comes to years. My bestie and I have been friends for a super long time. We have been through so many stages in life together, and we’ve always been supportive of each other. I remember how shocked she was, when she found out that she would be having twins. I never thought that I would experience the same shock myself some years later. My bestie delivered two beautiful twin girls, and I delivered two adorable (if I must say so myself) twin boys. 

During my pregnancy, it was nice to have someone so close that had prior experience with twins. Even though we live in different states, her advice helped me to prepare for labor and those first few months at home. I remember calling her several times, feeling like I couldn’t get a grip on new motherhood. Yes, I had prior experience and plenty of it with my four daughters, but no single birth can prepare you for a multiple birth. The basics of what to expect goes right out the window, when it’s more than one newborn coming. A support system is necessary just to keep your sanity.

My bestie was a huge part of my support system, along with my doctors and nurses from the hospital. It was very tough to have twins, while having a young toddler without any family living in our neighborhood. I eventually got the hang of it, and it no longer takes me two days to get everyone ready to leave the house. My days of calling the bestie in tears are gone as well. Every now and then, I still have the “I can’t believe that there’s two of them” thought. I guess that’s all part of the transition. Now, the boys are at an age where I can have lots of fun with all three of them. One of the best part of being a mom of multiples, is having something so special in common with my bestie. It gives us plenty of chances for cool photo ops like the ones in this post. We both never thought that we would share twins in common. I guess that’s an example of how funny life can be.