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Making Moves

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Every time I surf the web, I come across some of the cutest well written mommy blogs. I love blogging and this is one of the 3 blogs that I write currently. I jumped into blogging a little over a year ago, with my first blog, and then I started this blog and Freebie Frenzies. All of my blogs were originally on Blogger until yesterday when I moved this blog and Freebie Frenzies over to WordPress. Natural Nina is still on Blogger because it’s a custom domain, and I haven’t figured out how to move the blog, without losing all of my followers and my page rank.

I made the move to WordPress because I am a Communications student at Drexel University, and social media is the area that I would like to work in professionally. WordPress is the blogging platform that most social media employers want a potential candidate to be well versed in. In addition to that, I like the design of most of the WordPress blogs that I see. I’m excited to learn about using WordPress, and I know that the upcoming electronic publishing course that I’m taking over the summer will help me to hone my skills.

I’m aware that this blog is primarily a mommy blog, all about my crazy days with my 3 year old and my 18 month old twins, but it’s also about my personal struggles as a student making a career change. I’m currently a Stay a home mom (not by choice), although I enjoy my time with my kids, I can’t wait to finish my degree program and find my niche in social media.

In the meantime, I’ll be here learning, conducting product reviews, and keeping you all up to date on all things mommyville. If any of you out there have any tips on how to work with WordPress, please feel free to share them. This blogging platform is completely different from Blogger, so I will take any help that I can get!

Ciao bellas!


>The Single Parent Double Standard

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There is a double standard in single parenting that is unfair to both male and female single parents. I am lucky enough not to be a single parent, but I can’t help but recognize the double standard that exist. Whenever my partner is out and about with the children, and I’m not with the crew, people want to give him the gold medal for “Dad of the Year.” Now, I’m not downplaying the fact that my children have a great father, what I am saying is, single mothers don’t get same round of applause.

The funny thing is, when people see me out and about with the kids, they assume that I am a single mother. Especially, when they see that I’m not sporting a wedding band. Then, when they see both of us with our children, they respond differently in a more positive way. Now, I’m not one to get shook up by other peoples judgments because I don’t have to explain my life to anyone. We are responsible for our family, and we decide when and how we do things. We have just started to plan our wedding that will take place, after I finish school in two years. This post is not about me or my situation. It’s about the stigmas attached to seeing a woman with children alone, and the judgments that are made on said woman.

The first news flash is, just because you see a man or woman alone with children, does not mean that they are a single parent. The other news flash is, every single parent out there is not mooching off of some form of public assistance. For example, my bestie is a single parent who worked her way through undergrad, grad school, and finally law school, all while being a single mom. I have so many friends that have done well alone, while raising their children. These friends are both male and female, and none of them are walking around begging for praise.

I hate to make this about race and ethnicity, but most negative assumptions are made towards minority women with children. When people see a Caucasian women alone with children, no one assumes that she is a welfare mom living off of all kinds of assistance. Those type of judgments are reserved for African American and Latino single moms. Just like African American and Latino men are judged not to be in their children’s lives. I guess that’s why people make such a big deal about seeing a minority man with his children, single or not. The sad thing is, some of us have lowered our expectations to believe some of the same stereotypes about ourselves.

 Now, I’m not glorifying children being raised with one parent or out of wedlock. What I am saying is that people can be less judgmental because they don’t know each persons individual situation. Besides, there are single parents that exist in all races and ethnicities. No one is immune to single parenting, even it your married. The skyrocketing divorce rate in this county tell us that. Let alone the fact that, a spouse could die and leave a widow with children behind. Before you throw stones at the next single male or female with children that you see, make sure your not living in a glass house.

>Twins and More Twins!

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I hate aging myself, so I’ll use estimates within this post when it comes to years. My bestie and I have been friends for a super long time. We have been through so many stages in life together, and we’ve always been supportive of each other. I remember how shocked she was, when she found out that she would be having twins. I never thought that I would experience the same shock myself some years later. My bestie delivered two beautiful twin girls, and I delivered two adorable (if I must say so myself) twin boys. 

During my pregnancy, it was nice to have someone so close that had prior experience with twins. Even though we live in different states, her advice helped me to prepare for labor and those first few months at home. I remember calling her several times, feeling like I couldn’t get a grip on new motherhood. Yes, I had prior experience and plenty of it with my four daughters, but no single birth can prepare you for a multiple birth. The basics of what to expect goes right out the window, when it’s more than one newborn coming. A support system is necessary just to keep your sanity.

My bestie was a huge part of my support system, along with my doctors and nurses from the hospital. It was very tough to have twins, while having a young toddler without any family living in our neighborhood. I eventually got the hang of it, and it no longer takes me two days to get everyone ready to leave the house. My days of calling the bestie in tears are gone as well. Every now and then, I still have the “I can’t believe that there’s two of them” thought. I guess that’s all part of the transition. Now, the boys are at an age where I can have lots of fun with all three of them. One of the best part of being a mom of multiples, is having something so special in common with my bestie. It gives us plenty of chances for cool photo ops like the ones in this post. We both never thought that we would share twins in common. I guess that’s an example of how funny life can be.

>Double Stuff Plus 1 Updates

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>As many of you know, I recently made a return to work full time. As a result, the past three weeks have been pretty hectic for my family. Between the new job, moving, assignments for class, and being a hands on full time mother, life gets pretty tough around here. The new changes in my life are keeping pretty busy, and made me realize the fact that I needed to tighten my schedule in every way. My blogs have been placed on a once a week schedule for updates. My natural Hair blog (Natural Nina) will be updated every Sunday, and this blog for mom of multiples (Double Stuff Plus 1) will now be updated on Mondays. These minor changes will allow me to keep an organized schedule, for every aspect of my life. With that said, I would like to thank you all for your support, and I look forward to sharing my mom of multiples experiences with you all.

>Career Moms: Preparing for My Return to Work

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Being a mom of multiples can be quite stressful at times, especially when mom has blogs to run, jobs to interview for, classes to pass, a weight loss plan to maintain, and a full sized family to look after. My days would be at the least overwhelming for the average person, and if it were a job most people probably wouldn’t come back the next day. I knew my life was going to change dramatically with the addition of twin boys. Every aspect of my life is different now, and this blog is one of the many ways that I maintain my sanity. 

Finding a balance can be quite difficult at times, and I’ve learned that everything will not always go as planned. Soon I will be incorporating a return to work into my crazy schedule, and I will need to balance my papers for school around the children and the job. I am determined to get an Executive M.B.A. degree within the next few years. I returned to school six months after I had my two year old, and I attended part time during my pregnancy with the twins. I am now 8 classes away from graduation with an A.A., in Communications. Early next year, I’ll begin my three year accelerated B.S. and M.B.A. program in eMarketing.

This Tuesday, will be my first day back to work in over a year, and I’m both excited and anxious about returning to work. I can’t wait to have adult conversations again, but I know that I’m going to miss my babies. As much as I may complain, I enjoy singing songs with Marli and the boys everyday. I also enjoy teaching them new things because their little minds are like sponges. Not a day goes by in my house without practicing numbers, the alphabet, colors, shapes, and vocabulary words. Once I return to work, I’ll have to maintain our daily fun and learning practices to keep a sense of normalcy for the children. I don’t want them to ever feel like I’m too busy to spend quality time with them. Jason and I are very hands on with our children, because we don’t have a lot of family close by to offer a helping hand. I would never want to weaken the bond that we built between our little family. 

I’m optimistic about my new career path, and the future that lies ahead, We have a lot of exciting things happening in the next few months. The next few weeks are going to be insane, but I’m sure that we’ll be able to adjust. I’ll let you all know how my first week went, next Sunday. Boy, I have to get used to having a full time work schedule again. I’m Super Mom! I can do this, and I got this. Bring it on!