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I hate aging myself, so I’ll use estimates within this post when it comes to years. My bestie and I have been friends for a super long time. We have been through so many stages in life together, and we’ve always been supportive of each other. I remember how shocked she was, when she found out that she would be having twins. I never thought that I would experience the same shock myself some years later. My bestie delivered two beautiful twin girls, and I delivered two adorable (if I must say so myself) twin boys. 

During my pregnancy, it was nice to have someone so close that had prior experience with twins. Even though we live in different states, her advice helped me to prepare for labor and those first few months at home. I remember calling her several times, feeling like I couldn’t get a grip on new motherhood. Yes, I had prior experience and plenty of it with my four daughters, but no single birth can prepare you for a multiple birth. The basics of what to expect goes right out the window, when it’s more than one newborn coming. A support system is necessary just to keep your sanity.

My bestie was a huge part of my support system, along with my doctors and nurses from the hospital. It was very tough to have twins, while having a young toddler without any family living in our neighborhood. I eventually got the hang of it, and it no longer takes me two days to get everyone ready to leave the house. My days of calling the bestie in tears are gone as well. Every now and then, I still have the “I can’t believe that there’s two of them” thought. I guess that’s all part of the transition. Now, the boys are at an age where I can have lots of fun with all three of them. One of the best part of being a mom of multiples, is having something so special in common with my bestie. It gives us plenty of chances for cool photo ops like the ones in this post. We both never thought that we would share twins in common. I guess that’s an example of how funny life can be.


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