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>The Joovy Big Caboose

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Joovy BIG Caboose Triple Stand-On Tandem Stroller

The Joovy Big Caboose is the stroller that I thought was best for my children. I searched for a stroller for several months during my pregnancy, and there weren’t many strollers available for my special circumstances. I knew that a regular twin stroller would be insufficient, because my two year old was only 16 months at the time that the boys were born. I wanted a stroller that provided a comfortable space for all three of my little ones, without necessarily being a full triple stroller. My price limit was $500, not a dollar more. That narrowed down my search to a sparse number of strollers available. The two that I was most interested in was the Joovy Big Caboose, and a triple jogging stroller from another brand.

I ended going for the Joovy Big Caboose because the price was reasonable at $339 from, and I knew that it would fit through the doors of my favorite neighborhood shops here in Manhattan. With a wide jogging stroller, I wouldn’t have been able to walk down half of the sidewalks in the neighborhood. The Big Caboose is so convenient that it even fits on a subway train, and that’s a triple bonus. Most people would not believe that I was able to ride the subway with my children in a triple stroller, but the design of the big caboose enabled me to pull it off. The Big Caboose has two full sized reclining seats for the twins, and an awesome seat in the back for my two year old who loves to sit in her spot. When she gets a little bigger, she can stand and hold on to the stroller. This stroller will grow with my children, which made the purchase feel more like an investment. I would recommend this stroller to other moms of multiples out there, who also have twin babies and a toddler around the ages of 16 months- 3years of age.


>Double Stuff Plus 1 Updates

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>As many of you know, I recently made a return to work full time. As a result, the past three weeks have been pretty hectic for my family. Between the new job, moving, assignments for class, and being a hands on full time mother, life gets pretty tough around here. The new changes in my life are keeping pretty busy, and made me realize the fact that I needed to tighten my schedule in every way. My blogs have been placed on a once a week schedule for updates. My natural Hair blog (Natural Nina) will be updated every Sunday, and this blog for mom of multiples (Double Stuff Plus 1) will now be updated on Mondays. These minor changes will allow me to keep an organized schedule, for every aspect of my life. With that said, I would like to thank you all for your support, and I look forward to sharing my mom of multiples experiences with you all.