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If your a mom of multiples like me, your probably looking for ways to save a buck on the things your family needs. One of the ways that I found to save some cash, is by ordering diapers in bulk. When introduced their own premium brand of diapers, I was reluctant to buy them  at first because I was a loyal Pampers customer. Huggies was always my second choice in diaper brands, and off brands were completely off of my radar. What intrigued me about the brand, was the number diapers offered for $40.99. A box of size 3 diapers comes with 200 diapers in the box, and the size 5 box comes with 156 diapers in it. I had to try the diapers out because if the diapers were good, my monthly diaper budget would be cut in half. 

After completing my first order, I was nervous about how good or bad the diapers would be. I was worried about sacrificing quality for quantity. The package arrived pretty quick, I ordered on a Saturday, and my diapers arrived by Monday evening. The first thing I did was open the package, and feel the texture of the diapers. The pampers felt like the quality would be okay, but there was only one true way to test them out. I had to starting using them on my children to see how the diapers would hold up, especially during the night. 

The first few diaper changes went well, with no complaints. As I continued to use the diapers on a daily and weekly basis, I had no doubts about buying these pampers again. My twins are almost nine months old, and I still order the same brand Premium Diapers for my all 3 of my children. When I went on the website to re-order a few weeks ago, I noticed that the major diapers brands are offering extra larger boxes of diapers as well. Of course their extra large boxes are a few dollars more expensive than the brand, so I know who I’ll be sticking with. 

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