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First it was denim diapers. Now, providing your baby is watching his or her carbs, can toddle around in skinny jeans.
Luckily, these trendy tot pants are stretchy enough to accommodate a diaper.
The jeans are turning up in stores like American Eagle and J. Crew’s Crewcuts, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Gap, denim maker True Religion Apparel Inc and Levis are also embracing the trend by stocking skinny jeans for the tiniest fashionistas.
Gap is reporting that skinny jeans now comprise 40 percent of its jeans  for infant and toddler girls. For children’s apparel makers, kids’clothing sales are a positive sign in an otherwise dismal retail period. While parents have reduced the amount they spend on their own wardrobe in the recession, they’re still shelling out for cute outfits for their kids.

“People tend to put their kids first,” GapKids and Baby Gap’s executive vice president Mark Breitbard told the Wall Street Journal. “They’ll pass on something for themselves to make sure their kids are still looked after.” 

Why skinny jeans rather than rompers? 
“It’s more fun,” Ava Lane, a mom who snagged four pairs of skinny jeans for her two year old, told the Journal.

The skinny jeans for babies are designed a little bit differently than the ones for grownups, though they do feature pocket details and criss-cross stitching like the adult version. Skinny jeans for babies may have an elastic on the back of the waistband, though they don’t have inseam snaps for diaper changing that most baby outfits do.
Prices for skinny jeans range from $19.50 to $39.50 at babyGap and GapKids. They come in sizes as small as zero to 3 months.
To get ideas, Old Navy sent teams to playgrounds to watch consumers, Old Navy senior vice president Michelle DeMartini told the Journal.”“We talked for a long time about how much stretch, what should that feel like?” she said. “Adults might want to forgo comfort for fashion, but children will not.”
Gap took note of the tremendous popularity of adult-styled kids clothes after the chain debuted a kids and baby collaboration last fall with Stella McCartney. The line was so well received that a second one debuted in March.
“People love trend take-downs,” Breitbard told the Journal. “Fashion-right clothes are really adorable the smaller they get.” 

So what’s up next? 
The latest mini fashionista item to hit the GapKids stores is a hybrid of jeans and leggings. The name: Jeggings for babies.

Will you be purchasing skinny jeans for your tots and bubs, or do you think skinny jeans are a bit much for tiny tots?


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