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>Black and White Newborn Twins?

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I’m all about seeing the beauty of your babies, looking at them and thinking they are the most beautiful and unique and special beings in this world. But one mom — Carole Fraser — might be treating her twin babies like the oddities they are not. They are twins. Rejoice! I love twins — I have twins. But get this (drum roll please): One is black and one is white.

OMG! How could this have happened? Oh I know. The mother is black and the father is white. So you have fraternal twins who don’t look a lot alike.

This isn’t that unusual and Jezebel agrees. My twins don’t look a lot alike. In fact, Penelope is more olive skinned with brown eyes and looks a lot like me. Hunter is fair and blond and has blue eyes like my husband. We’re both white but even white people come in different shades (though some orange people are just white people wearing really bad fake tanner).

Carole, her husband Brian, and her twins — Martha and Daniel (nicknamed Salt and Pepper by mom) — are being treated like a circus sideshow and she seems to like it. She even said Japanese tourists stopped her family so they could take pictures with them. (Gasp! No stranger danger there, I guess.

“For us that takes some getting used to because we just see them as our babies, and we’re used to one being black and the other white. We sometimes forget that it might look strange to other people,” Carole said.
She lives in Bearsden, Glascow. Perhaps they are stuck in another time?

The Mirror did a big feature on the family and both that paper and Carole call her black and white twins a million-to-one miracle. Maybe they wanted some free family photos? They should have went to People magazine — they would have dressed her in a fancy dress and $300 earrings and perfected her hair and makeup and then placed the twins in her arms. (Oh wait, that was Jennifer Lopez.)
All this makes me feel bad for the couple’s 2-year-old daughter who looks just like the dad. There’s always going to be fuss over a new baby (or babies), but this is over the top.

I don’t want to poo-poo all the excitement this mom has about her babies — they are adorable and I do believe babies are miracles (all babies). And the fact that one is like mom and one is like dad is fantastic. I get this excitement, I have it with my own twins, but it isn’t an OMG I cannot believe this moment. Now if her twins were anything like the twins born in the movie V (you know, one looks human but has an alien tongue, the other is a green monster baby), then I would say WOW! Or if the twins had two different dads, then I’d say WHOA! But to me, it’s just two really adorable twins born to a black mom and a white dad.

Source: The Stir
Photo Source: The Mirror


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