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>UK Mom Delivers Twin Girls at the Same Time

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A LIVERPOOL mum gave birth to twin girls at exactly the same time.

Little Nikita Rooney-Wilson came into the world straight after sister Nadine, and no time separates the twins on their birth certificates.

Mum Kayleigh, 23, from Seaforth, is now recovering at home, but is overjoyed with her new arrivals.

Today Kayleigh’s mum, Sandra, told how she caught one of the girls as they both popped out straight after each other.

Normally twins are born several minutes apart, and hospital chiefs say it is very rare for them to have the same time of birth.

Mrs Rooney, who also lives in Seaforth, said: “We arrived at Ormskirk hospital and the midwives were preparing things, they thought the birth was about 30 minutes away.

“But suddenly both babies popped out of Kayleigh at the same time– I caught Nikita.

“She basically delivered the babies herself because it happened all at once. But the staff were fantastic and started to resuscitate Nikita, who had stopped breathing.

“I had started to massage her heart because I could see there was something wrong. It was a hairy experience but I am one very proud grandmother now.”

Kayleigh’s husband Anthony, a car valeter, was also present at the birth and was taken aback by what happened.

Mrs Rooney, 48, said: “He was worried about Kayleigh and the babies, but everyone is doing well now. Kayleigh is staying at my house for the moment so I can help her with the girls.”

Source:Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser


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