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>Welcome to Double Stuff Plus 1, a blog dedicated to mothers of twins and a toddler. My world was turned upside down last year, when I found out that we were expecting twin boys. At the time, our baby girl was about 14 months old, and I knew life was about to get very interesting. I started this blog for moms of twins and a toddler, because of the difficult time I had while searching for products to accommodate all three of my children. I also wanted to share my experience with other moms, that have twins and a toddler at home. It’s always good to share information and tips with each other, while also giving each other a little support. As we all know, a mothers work is never done, and sometimes it can be a little stressful. I look forward to providing resources for other moms of twins and a toddler. Together we can help each other maintain our sanity while achieving our goals in every aspect of our lives. There’s more to come, stay tuned…..


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